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Virus removal

We can efficiently remove any virus, handle almost any computer-related repair need, whether the item is under warranty or not. We offer DC Power Jack Repair, Charger, Power plug repair. This is where to go.

Hardware and Software Upgrades
Technology changes so fast, and buying a new computer just to keep up, can be too costly for many of us! Adding memory, a new hard drive, or even a new video card might just be all you need to add new life to your old computer. Software changes too! It needs to be updated to keep up with changes in hardware and newly discovered security issues. What to install, how to install it and do you really need it? These are questions that we can help you answer, and provide solutions if needed. Call us.

We also offer other pc repair services, including:

Wireless network setup New PC setup Data Backup or Recovery Business Network Firewall setup Upgrading memory, cpu, video cards, hard drives, and more.

All About Computers takes the hassle out of computer repair and web site design. Our tech's can tackle computer repair, new computer setup, software & operating system upgrades, internet connection problems, setting up wireless networks, printers or peripherals (cameras, iPods, Xbox 360), spyware and virus removal, and other frustrating computer problems. Have a broken CPU or cracked LCD? Is a drive as loud as a car? If so, All About Computers repair offers the perfect solution, at reasonable prices.




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  • DC Jack Repair, power plug

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All About Computers - computer store offers the most affordable rates for PC / Laptop screen repair,
upgrades, new builds, spyware / adware / malware removal, antivirus software, virus removal and web site design.

Repair service to fix XBOX 360's.

24 hrs./ 7 days Phone:
(850) 210-0534

Especially Barebone Parts, Intel Motherboards, Intel s \ CPU, AMD CPU's, memory, hard drive / box, DVD-RW, Blu-ray, Flash Drive, Graphics / Video Cards, Cases & PSU s \', LCD Monitors, Multimedia, camera, modem, network, cables, parts and accessories, Keyboard and Mouse, Software, surges and backups, custom system, AMD Motherboards, SCSI disks, controllers, selling PCs, laptops and netbooks printers and PCI Express.

Thumb Drives - Great New Technology?

The ability to easily move data from PC to PC with minimal inconvenience is just another benefit computers have led to today's business world.

Over the years, various options to save and move data have multiplied dramatically. Usually, the disk (with's 1.2 MB limitation), ZIP drives, CD-R s'and CD-RW"and even tape backups are the common ways to move data on non-Red \ PC `s.

The latest innovation, the removable USB flash memory (disk thumb drive, Key Drive, Flash Drive USB Drive, Micro Drive) brings a new meaning to the easy transfer of data. These USB devices are small enough to fit on a keychain or carry in your pocket.

As a way to protect confidential information, security of one of these movements can't be beat. It's in your pocket!

Its size belies a huge volume of data storage, the current sizes start at 16MB and go up to 10 GB. The price of these devices is steadily falling, so buying one of these is almost a must have.

As for the accessories from your local computer store or go online to get the best deal.

For a very low cost and can conveniently move data between the \ PC 's so easy and access to data in the internal hard drive.

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